Overall Standard Sled Size:
36" X 87"

[image] Med Sled: First Call

Tether and stairwell braking system included with every sled.

Overall Bariatric Sled Size:
48" X 87"

[image] Med Sled: First Call

Tether and stairwell braking system included with every sled.

Helping You With One Of
Death Cares Hardest Jobs

Med Sled First Call

The Med Sled First Call Specializes in Difficult Removals.

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  • Leave Your Cot at the Door

    The Med Sled First Call is lightweight and easy to carry to difficult situations. Storing in a 9" X 36" carrying shoulder bag and weighing just 10lbs. Throw the sled over your shoulder and take it where you need it most.

  • Loading the Body

    Even in the most difficult situations the First Call is designed to enable just two people to load even your heaviest removals. The sled can help protect lower back strain.

  • Securing the Body

    Managing and securing awkward and difficult body type is made easy with the Med Sled First Call. The sled will cocoon up and around the deceased to provide a secure means of transport, and eliminates the risk of weight shifting during the removal.

  • Transporting the Body

    The Med Sled First Call will make transporting the body safer and easier regardless of the size of the home. The sled can be carried out like a stretcher if space permits, but in extreme cases involving large bodies and tight spaces such as trailers, slide the sled through narrow hallways and around tight corners. You can provide a dignified removal and you donŐt have to risk injury to your staff and damage to the home.

  • Going Down the Stairs

    Carrying a body down a flight of steps is a difficult and sometimes dangerous process. The end of the sled is curved to allow a smooth descent, and if more difficult removals, deploy our stairwell braking system to ensure your safety, and a controlled process.

  • Loading onto your cot

    The sled will cocoon the body, so once tightened, it will only be as large as the deceased, and will easily fit onto your standard cot.

  • Easy to clean

    There are no holes or corners in the sled, so simply use your standard disinfectant to spray and wipe away any fluids.

Med Sled In Action

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